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Helpful Information About Wilkes Barre Hardwood Flooring

Wilkes-Barre Hardwood Flooring Problems to Avoid

Nothing looks as lovely or retains its value like hardwood flooring. However, efforts must be taken to keep it looking nice. Here are some common problems to avoid. It is easier to learn about them now so that you don't have to upgrade your hardwood flooring later on.


One of the biggest contributors to Wilkes-Barre hardwood flooring being damaged happens to be shoes. Doesn't matter if they are those belonging to a child or an adult. Doesn't matter if they are work shoes, dress up shoes, or anything in between. Shoes can bring in dirt, rocks, and debris that can easily scratch the flooring as you walk on it.

Get everyone into the habit of leaving their shoes on the porch or have a basket for them in the entry way. You can keep slippers there for people to put on if you like. If you have guests over, ask them to take their shoes off too. Most will oblige and it won't be an issue for them to do so when they know you are trying to protect your flooring.

Moving Furniture

Re-arranging furniture in a home is a common practice. Yet it can also contribute to damages to the floors. Make sure you pick the furniture up completely instead of pushing or pulling it. The legs of the furniture can gouge or scratch the Wilkes-Barre hardwood flooring.

Beware of Sunlight

You may love to open the curtains and let the sunlight in for warmth and lighting. However, this can cause areas of your hardwood to fade and it will stick out like a sore thumb. You need to watch where the sunlight is reaching on the flooring. If you don't want to compromise having the curtains open, you will need to consider a rug that is large enough to protect the flooring. Remember, throughout the day, the position of the sun will move and that will also affect all the places that the sun can fade the flooring.

Immediate Remedies

If you start to notice a problem with your Wilkes-Barre hardwood flooring, you need to take care of it right away. Don't let the problem continue or it will just get worse. If you need to replace a spot or you notice a scratch, fill it in. Try to identify what caused the problem so that you don't see it repeated along other areas of your flooring.

Buff and Polish

Even though it is a time consuming endeavor, you should buff and polish your flooring once a year. If you have high traffic in the home on a daily basis, you should do so every six months. Use a dry mop to help reduce dust. Just make sure you aren't pushing something sharp along the floor or you will scratch it as you go.

Buffing and polishing can be accomplished in a day if you dedicate the time to your Wilkes-Barre hardwood flooring. It will be well worth it when you do so. It can be a wonderful way to bring it back to life and to keep it looking amazing for the long term.

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