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Prevent Unauthorized Vehicle Usage With Truck GPS

Prevent Unauthorized Vehicle Usage with Truck GPS

When you give someone authorization to use a company vehicle, it is a privilege and not a right. Yet too often people take advantage of this benefit. They may start to use the vehicle for personal use. They aren't putting miles on their own vehicle, wearing down their own tires, or even paying for gas because they are using the company vehicle.

With truck GPS this type of abuse can be coming to an end. Employees realize their movement in that vehicle will be tracked and traced. Where they go, when they arrive, when they leave, and even what time they were driving the vehicle will all be recorded. If that isn't official work time and business then the company vehicle shouldn't be used.

Driving safely when a person is using any type of company truck is very important. With GPS you can verify they weren't speeding and they were abiding by the hours of service in place. Sadly, there are other drivers out there who will intentionally have an accident with a business vehicle. Get Truck Gps from gds. They think it is an easy way to get money and that isn't fair. The GPS information collected can reduce the risk of them getting fraudulent payouts like that.

The route someone takes when they have a business vehicle is important to look at. Do they stop along the way for a long lunch? Are they going to the mall when they should be going to see a client? All of this information is something to think about when you analyze such data. You need to be able to trust your employees. If they are taking advantage and stealing work time and using a work vehicle for their private activities then you don't really want them around anymore.

You want your employees to get around to where they need to go. There may be times when an approved route doesn't work. Perhaps there is road construction or other reason why they need to take a detour. They can do this and not get into trouble as the route they took can be verified and still show where they started at and where they ended up at.

Maybe they tell you they were stuck in traffic for two hours and that is why they weren't back to the office after a business meeting. Again, you can use the GPS to verify such details. If they aren't being honest with you, that tracking information can be used to confront them and then you can take appropriate action from that point. Without that information it would be hard to prove.

Any time a business vehicle is used for unauthorized use, it puts your business in a tough position. It increases overall liability concerns. Truck GPS can help you to reduce the risk of such problems developing within your employee pool. They aren't going to try to get away with it because they know the moves are being recorded and they can't argue with such proof.

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