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Philadelphia SEO Services That Lead To Trouble

Never engage in Philadelphia SEO services that could lead you into trouble. You always want to make sure you are using what are called white hat practices. If you use anything that is considered black hat, you may find you are in trouble with the major search engines or the law. This can cost you placement, business, and money.

Keyword Stuffing

Everything you offer for customers to read needs to flow well. It doesn't matter if it is social media or a sales letter. All of the pages of your website should be optimized. Yet you can't get away with the same keyword over and over. People will get tired of reading it. The search engines will quickly notice you are trying to stuff so to speak. Instead, you need to use a variety of keywords. You can also use variations of each of those keywords. Keep your density about 1%.

Constant Redirects

It is fine to have embedded links in your materials. When someone clicks on them, they are redirected to another site that shows them specific information. This is convenient and people use it as a tool all the time online. However, if you have constant redirects in place to avoid some of your pages or sites being ranked or detected it can get you into trouble. You can be sure the search bots of Google and Yahoo will eventually figure out what you are doing and track you down.

Duplicate Content

It is never acceptable to have duplicate content associated with any of your materials. If you outsource, always use tools to verify what you are getting from them isn't duplicated in any way. If it is, the burden of it all falls on your shoulders. You may have already paid them for such work and now you don't have any way to get yourself out of the red tape involved with the various search engines. If you pay someone to take care of your SEO, make sure they have references and experience.

Leveraged Content

You can give away something to consumers to gain their information. Get Philadelphia Seo Services from rt. This is called leveraged content as they have to give you something in exchange. For example, you could ask for their name and email address in exchange for a free e-book. This is legal but when you are sharing their details with others without their consent or you don't deliver on what you offered them it is an SEO violation that can get you into trouble quickly.

Failure to Test

Not successfully testing your materials and your Philadelphia SEO services can get you into trouble. The statement you didn't know or you didn't understand SEO isn't going to be enough. You must take control over what is going on and be accountable for it. Either test on your own or outsource it with some type of tracking so you can prove it is being done at regular intervals. Otherwise, you can be in a tangled mess without any intention.

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