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The Indoor And Outdoor Of Marijuana Seeds

It's about that time of year again of the outdoor growing begins and a huge advantage for your seeds is for you to start germinating your seeds. The advantage of germinating your seeds indoors is that your seeds begins is life in an indoor controlled environment without the risk of extreme weather. This also means that you are able to start the germination process earlier so that you can transplant your seeds outdoor when the weather is more appropriate.

Another great benefit is that you can place your seeds under LED lighting because early springtime often reduces the amount of light that your seeds will receive. Not everyone has the ability to germinate their seeds indoors, so don't worry if you don't have the ability to germinate your seeds indoors you can also germinate your seeds outdoors as well.

The thing about germinating your seeds outdoors is that you don't have to transplant them. When you are growing your marijuana seeds you need to know the proper times to grow them. The marijuana growing season is from spring to fall. However if you are in cold locales, the season is shortened due to frigid temperatures which occur at the beginning and end of the season. I know what some of you are thinking " I thought you could grow marijuana seeds at any time?" and you are correct you can grow your marijuana at anytime, however it helps to start growing your seeds early because it will result in you ending up with taller seeds and your seeds branches will be sturdier with higher yields. Another good thing to know when growing your seeds is that a mixture of ideal growing conditions and good genes will result in larger marijuana seeds.

In the beginning of a marijuana seeds life is the same as a most houseplants, meaning it is a good idea to use one of the same germination and transplant techniques that are available on most house plants. A good example of this is tomatoes, corn and marijuana all use the same soil mixture and nutrient quantity. There is a variety of techniques that you can use to germinate your marijuana seeds, so whatever technique you feel most comfortable with you can do. One of the most popular techniques for germinating your marijuana seeds is using moist cotton wool and germinating your seeds in between the two pieces of cotton wool. Some people prefer to germinate their seeds in the dark, there fore they will put the two cotton wool pieces in between two saucers, you can do this, but it is not completely necessary. When using this technique you should check the moisture of the cotton daily. The cotton should not be too wet but certainly should not be too dry. Once you see a little white root coming out of the seed, you put the seed in the compost. You want to put the seed with the root pointing downwards and also in the beginning you want to keep the seedling moist and you do not want to add any fertilizer yet. This is just one of many types of techniques that you can use to germinate your sees.

If this technique doesn't work for you or you find another technique that you like better feel free to use that technique instead. All that matters is that the germination process is occurring. Germination is a very important process in growing your marijuana seeds whether you are growing indoor or outdoors make sure that you germinate your seeds. You have read, The Indoor And Outdoor Of Marijuana Seeds.
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